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[ Criminal Defense ]


A defendant accused of a crime in the U.S. is innocent until proven guilty.  Accused persons must move quickly to defend themselves and our investigators have the experience necessary to help mount a rigorous defense.  We offer a variety of services, including interviewing witnesses, searching for evidence, conducting aerial crime scene photography or helping to review discovery and ensuring that discovery production is in compliance with the law.

[ Mobile/Computer Forensics ]


Using a variety of forensic solutions, we can extract important evidence from mobile devices and computers, whether that information is deleted or not.  Our investigators are certified in the use of several forensic tools so that we can find the information you need.  Android, Apple, Mac, Windows, we have recovered evidence from them all.  

[ Fire Investigations]


GTI has one of the best fire investigators in the State.  There are a lot of college kids out there investigating fires, but there is no shortcut for experience.  Not only is it important to understand fire causation and the science of fire behavior, but to also be a certified electrician, plumber and code/building inspector helps to paint a complete picture at a fire scene.  It is vital to gather available evidence and to view each piece through the filter of experience in order to make a qualified determination on the origin of a fire and whether it was intentionally set or not.  

[ Family Law ]


Our team uses a variety of technology, surveillance methods and dogged determination to help you find the truth in your situation.  Infidelity, divorce, violations of court orders and child custody situations are frequent investigations at GTI and we are good at it!  We have men and women clients equally, who find themselves in situations where they need to know the truth.  Most or our clients have never contacted a private investigator before, so we are glad to walk clients through the process step by step.

[ Background Investigations ]


Does your ex have a new boyfriend or girlfriend that’s spending a lot of time around your children?  How about the new son in law who seems too good to be true, but something doesn’t seem quite right?  Hiring a new employee?  We use a variety of sources to search for the information you need to make important decisions.

[ Other Services ]


We have successfully located the biological parents of grown adopted children, missing adults and missing teens.  We have also conducted financial crimes investigations, to include fraud, thefts and disputed probate cases.  Civil litigation support, debugging of homes, offices and vehicles and surveillance services-contact us to find out how we can help. 

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